In the ever changing world of whisky storage, bottling and marketing Stirk Consultants can help with most sectors from supply to customer. 

We have extensive experience in all aspects of dealing with the HMRC approval, compliance and structures required to running a warehouse either under bond or duty paid. 

We can help from the founding and structuring of new businesses to company composition, funding & cashflow through to sales & marketing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Company formation and legal compliance.
  • HMRC approval for all matters involving under bond and duty paid spirits.
  • Compliance with all government and legal bodies including SWA regulations.
  • Planning & application for new or altered bonded warehouses.
  • Planning & implementation of bonded warehouses
    – Research, acquisition and installation of new plant
    – Staffing and best practices
    – Record keeping and HMRC compliance
    – Stock control
  • Supply chain management for bulk and bottled goods.
  • Dry goods and production materials.
  • Marketing and export strategies including obtaining new customers.
  • Cashflow management & funding.
  • Brand representation from obtaining supply to customer/business tutorials.